How to cure your self from cancer

Cancer in all its forms has become epidemic in our society. It was rare to hear that somebody had cancer when I was a child, it is an every day occurrence now a days.  Researching on the topic, I came across this very interesting article written by Katarina Donohue.  Hope it helps.  Let me know what you think about it!


Cancer Cure and How We Can Stop Us From Getting Sick Again

If you can get cancer, you also have the cancer cure inside you. Why? Because you created it. You are not a victim of cancer, you are the healer! In order to cure something, you have to find the root of a disease. 

Do you live in stress?

Does your diet come from nature?

Are your relationships with people healthy or fake?

Are you surrounded by any other toxins from environment?

Hearing the dreadful words: “You have cancer” you immediately go to a panic mode. You think of cancer as soon, slow and painful death. But what if cancer is only a warning? Warning that your body doesn’t operate well, that you might have poisoned it over the years with stress, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, fried food, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle? And that now you have to take action and start cleaning in order to heal?

You go to a doctor and you think that surgery, chemotherapy or radiation is the only cancer cure. In fact, with surgery you treat only a symptom, not the cause of cancer. And chemotherapy is only another way how to intoxicate your already sick body. And that needs a whole lot of different healing powers.

After I read many books about natural health, have done some research and saw people suffer from either cancer or diabetes, stroke, arthritis etc., I have come to conclusion, that


I’m sure you know people who eat healthy, they are even vegetarians, vegans or raw foodists, exercise regularly, take their health seriously, and yet they suffer from some sort of disease. And some of us don’t eat healthy, smoke and drink and still live 100 years. How is it possible?

Are you an optimist who likes to practice positive thinking every day? Who solves the problems with ease and is excited to wake up every day to a new beginning? Or are you a miserable puppet in the hands of (self-created) destiny who thinks that world is a bad place, full of nasty people who cause awful things? Is your mind occupied with thoughts of love, peace and self-confidence or are you constantly angry, grumpy, resentful and impatient?


Anger, fear and resentment are the greatest toxins, causing real physical illness to our body. Even worse than eating at McDonald’s every day of your life! (On the other hand, if you are sick and want to heal, you have to stop eating at McDonald’s). So if you have cancer and did not heal even after chemotherapy, changing the diet or having a surgery, you have to go deep within and remove the mental cause of cancer from your mind! 

Let’s look at the mental pattern that might contribute to cancer: “Cancer is a dis-ease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body. Something happens in childhood that destroys the sense of trust. Life seems to be a series of disappointments. A feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and loss permeates the thinking, and it becomes easy to blame others for all our problems. People with cancer are also very self-critical. Learning to love and accept the self is the key to cancer cure.”

(excerpt from a book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, Hay House 1987)

Removing the part of your colon, breast or any other part of the body does not guarantee you will be cancer free for the rest of your life. Because if you continue to live in the same conditions than before and if your mind is still full of anger, hatred or insecurity, you might end up with cancer again, only of a different organ in your body.

The point of cancer cure is to be willing to change. Not only you have to change your eating habits, the way of life, you have to change your mental patterns in the mind too. Those might be a greater contributor to the cause of cancer than you think.

So start with your mind first. Stop your life to be miserable! All those worries, guilt, irritation, anxiety, tension and fear have to go! You will feel better and your healing process will start immediately. Sometimes it is enough just to REALIZE what feelings and thoughts we have inside and that we can change them and start to heal.

What Other Toxins Cause Cancer? 

Every baby in America has 287 toxins in their blood the day they are born. Toxic danger lurks everywhere.

  • Household chemicals (the source of highly toxic carcinogen formaldehyde, triclosan found in all antibacterial soaps, phenols, phosphates or chlorine, no.1 cause of child poisonings)
  • Processed food (filled with artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, GMOs)
  • Plastic containers, bottles, shopping bags, etc. (even those BPA-free ones still contain chemicals), non-stick cookware, microwaves, aluminum foil
  • Vaccines (made of dead animal tissue, chicken embryos, monkey kidney cells or aborted human fetus cells and preserved by neurotoxins such as formaldehyde, mercury, phenols, aluminum and so on)
  • Pesticides (if you can smell it, your lungs are absorbing it)

There is a cancer cure invented in nature already, it is not a radiation or chemotherapy. Our bodies were not born to deal with chemo and x-rays. They were not created to eat processed foods, cookies and french fries all day. Or to sit on the couch without any movement 8 hours a day. Or to breathe perfumes, bleach, ammonia and other chemicals into our lungs. They were not built to get overdosed by cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or vaccines.

No! Human bodies were born to live long, lovable, prosperous and self regenerating lives.

Be aware! Read, research and know what you eat, think, breathe and put onto your body. If we know the truth about health and our bodies, we can surely prevent us from getting sick.

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