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Hot to use Himalayan salt for healing

After finding my previous article on Himalayan salt, I kept researching and found this one with more information yet.  It is very interesting, and a cheap remedy for many illnesses. I’d be interested in the detoxifying effect of the salt brine bath. Check the following article and let me know what  you think. How to […]

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Turmeric: 1 Spice that has more than 10 medical uses!

I just posted an article about Turmeric and its use against cancer, and doing some more research came across this one that expands the horizon of this wonder spice!  The only comment I would have is that, the scientific research discussed in my previous post, indicates that for this to be the miracle herb they […]

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Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric: a cure for cancer

I just found this interesting post from, also posted by Food Matters, about how to manage your sugar cravings. The fact that you need to process this natural ingredient, or purchased a already made option, got my attention.  I have always thought that one of the reasons why natural medicine is not more popular […]

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